A fan-made PICO-8 demake of Polytron Corporation's
2012 game FEZ.

[A gif showing the title screen of FUZ.] [A gif showing gameplay of FUZ.]
[An area in FUZ with a broken warp gate.] [An area in FUZ with a tuning fork.]

Released: May 2019
Developed: April 2019 - May 2019
Team: Joseph Henry Stadolnik IV
Tools: PICO-8
Programming Language: Lua

My Role: Solo Developer
I made the entirety of this game by myself, working closely from FEZ's art, mechanics, audio, and puzzles for reference.
My achievements on this project included:

The idea of a demake is the reverse of a remake: take an existing game and make a simpler version of it on a more limited platform. In making FUZ, I sought to recreate as many aspects of the original FEZ as I could within the heavy restrictions of PICO-8.
You can read much more about my development process in my retrospective here.

Other Notes:

It's Gomez Time (Again): Reflections on Demaking FEZ

"Fuz - Browser Game" (Free Game Planet)
"FUZ" (Wireframe, Issue 17, Pages 24-25)

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