A single-player first-person puzzle game about a magnetic robot on a quest to find their way home through a Soviet-inspired cyberpunk world. Use your magnetic hands and feet to push and pull your way through three different levels!

[A sreenshot of Factory Reset gameplay.] [A screenshot of Factory Reset gameplay.] [A screenshot of Factory Reset gameplay.]

Released: July 2021
Developed: August 2020 - June 2021

Tools I Used: Programming Language: C#

This game was created as our Major Qualifying Project at Worcester Polytechnic Institute, which is a capstone project demonstrating our abilities in our academic majors. In my case, it satisfied my degree requirements for Computer Science and for IMGD* Technology.
The game had a strong emphasis on accessibility, with many features and design decisions intended to make the game playable by a larger audience. The menu options provided included:

Accessibility was also a factor in the core design of the game: we avoided requiring multiple simultaneous actions or any sort of time pressure to make the game more accessible for people with cognitive or motor disabilities, and we chose red and blue for the polarity colors since they are distinguishable with all forms of dichromatic vision.
For more detail on all aspects of the game, please refer to our paper on the project.
* Interactive Media and Game Development

My Role: Gameplay Programmer & Designer
I was primarily in charge of designing and implementing the movement mechanics of Factory Reset as well as the game's moment-to-moment gameplay. I also created the game's heads-up display and some visual effects.
My specific achievements on this project included:

Other Notes:

Project Paper